Dakhira- Al-Darin Fi Ma Yata’alagh Bi Sayyidana Al-Hussain

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Dakhira- Al-Darin Fi Ma Yata’alagh Bi Sayyidana Al-Hussain
Dakhira- Al-Darin Fi Ma Yata’alagh Bi Sayyidana Al-Hussain.jpg
AuthorAbdolmajid bin Mohammad Reza Hosseini Haeri Shirazi
Original titleذَخیرةُ الدّارین فیما یَتَعَلّقُ بسیدتا الحُسَیْن علیه‌السلام

Dakhira- Al-Darin Fi Ma Yata’alagh Bi Sayyidana Al-Hussain (Arabic: ذَخیرةُ الدّارین فیما یَتَعَلّقُ بسیدتا الحُسَیْن علیه‌السلام) written  by Hosseini Haeri Shirazi, is a maqtal that is specifically dedicated to studying the lives of Imam Hussain's companions from the beginning of his Imamate to his martyrdom in Karbala.

About the author[edit | edit source]

Dakhira Al-Darin is written by Abdolmajid bin Mohammad Reza Hosseini Haeri Shirazi. There is no exact information about his biography except that he died shortly after writing the above mentioned book.[1] The book has been completed in Muharram 1345 AH based on the author's emphasis.[2]

About the book[edit | edit source]

The title of the first edition of the book is as follows: “Dakhira- Al-Darin Fi Ma Yata’alagh Bi Sayyidana Al-Hussain”[3] while the text of the first page of the book begins with such a  subordinate title : “Al-Mojalad Al-Aval Ketab Dakhira- Al-Darin Fi Ma Yata’alagh Bi Al-Hussain Va Ashabih”[4] On the last page of the book, the author emphasizes the title of the book as: “Dakhira- Al-Darin Fi Ma Yata’alagh Bi Masaeb Al-Hussain Va Ashabih”[2] It seems that the title of the first page of the book has been selected by the book publisher (Mortazavi Najaf Press) and the same title has been quoted in bibliographies.[5] The book Dakhira- Al-Darin was originally written in three volumes, but so far only the first volume has been published.[5]

The writing of the first volume of Dakhira Al-Darin was completed in the month of Sha'ban 1345 AH by Kazem bin Abdul Javad Al-Mahallati.[2] As a result, its first printing must have been done in Shawwal or Dhuʻl-Hijjah in the same year  using lithography  by Mortazavi Printing House (Najaf). The text of the book is in Arabic and according to the research of Baqer Doryab Najafi, it has been published twice in 1379 and 1381 SH by Tahsin Publications and again in 1385 SH by Zamzam Hedayat Publications in Qom.

Regarding his motivation for writing the book, the author says: "What prompted me to write this Maqtal is that I realized some of the Maqtals have a high degree of redundancy and are confusing and difficult to understand, while others are so brief that they lack the right content. “So I wrote this Maqtal and made it comprehensive and devoid of myths and untruths"[6]

From the very beginning of the book, the author introduces the sources of the book, beginning with the book of Abi Makhnaf and including the relevant books of the Sunnis.[7] The main and central theme of the book is to introduce the martyr companions of Imam Hussain during his Imamate, along with the introduction of the genealogy of the people involved in the Karbala incident, such as Ibn Ziad. Such an attitude of the author turns the Maqtal of Dakhira Al-Darin into a specialized one.

Abstract of book[edit | edit source]

The text of the book is arranged in ten chapters and one conclusion. The first chapter is about Mu'awiyah inviting the people to pledge allegiance to Yazid. The second chapter is in the biography of Amr ibn Humq and Hujr ibn Kandi and his companions. In the third chapter, Mu'awiyah's deception for Yazid's marriage and the reason for Yazid's enmity with Imam Hussain are discussed. The fourth chapter is dedicated to the genealogy of Mu'awiyah, Yazid, Amr al-As, Umar Sa'd and Shimr, and the Hasan–Muawiya treaty and the uprising of Imam Hassan are examined. In the fifth chapter, Ibn Ziad's oppression to the Amir al-Mu'minin's companions before Imam Hussain left for Iraq and the martyrdom of Maysam Tamar, Rashid Hijri, and others are discussed. The sixth chapter is dedicated to the disbelief (in God) of Imam Hussain's assassins, the seventh chapter is dedicated to the virtues and moral excellence of the martyrs of the Karbala uprising, and the eighth to tenth chapters , which comprise half the volume of the book, are dedicated to the biography of the martyrs of Karbala.[8] In total, the biography of more than one hundred and thirty martyrs has been presented in the book “Dakhira Al-Darin" book, and the author also explains some abandoned words in the text.[8]

The value and importance of the book[edit | edit source]

Hosseini Haeri Shirazi's use of Shia and Sunni sources to write this book as well as his innovation in mentioning the names of all martyrs of Imam Hussain's movement and also the ones throughout his Imamate has caused “Dakhira Al-Darin” to be considered as one of the most authoritative Maqtals.

Sources[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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