The Saga: The Battle of Karbala

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The Saga: The Battle of Karbala
The Saga The Battle of Karbala.jpg
AuthorMohammad Ali Albodairi
PublisherMainstay Foundation

The book The Saga: The Battle of Karbala is a compilation of the sermons delivered by Imam Hussain and his family members, from the date of their arrival in Karbala to the stance of Lady Zaynab and Imam Sajjad in Damascus.

About the author[edit | edit source]

Mohammad Ali Albodairi is a lecturer, author, and translator in the Islamic context. He has penned and also co-authored several works with prominent contemporary figures in Islamic studies.  He is the writer of some books such as:

  • Spirituality
  • Divine Leadership: A Rational Approach
  • Understanding Karbala
  • The Tragedy: A Narration of the Saga of Karbala
  • Begin with Praise: Inspirations from Du'a al-Iftitah
  • Divine Leadership: A Rational Approach

About the book[edit | edit source]

This book published in Mainstay Foundation (7 September 2018), has 324 pages and best sellers rank of 984,264 in Books.

Albodairi’s book is a detailed account of what happened in Karbala, along with biographies of the people involved in the incident, as a contribution to the preservation of Imam Hussain’s message and stance.

Abstract of chapters[edit | edit source]

Chapter 1: The Companions of the Imam[edit | edit source]

This chapter is a report on the number of people who accompanied the Imam Hussain in the Karbala incident from the beginning to her martyrdom, and the quality of this support. The number of the Imam’s companions was not fixed during the stages of his journey. From the time he left Mecca to the afternoon of the 10th of Muharram in Karbala, the numbers changed.

Chapter 2: The Battle of Karbala[edit | edit source]

In this section, the author points out that Imam Ali had predicted the event of Karbala and considered the martyrs of Karbala as the martyrs of Badr. Due to the importance of this struggle, the angels offered aid to Imam Hussein, but he did not accept. During the war, Imam Hussain called upon the people to aid him and his calls awaked some good souls.

Chapter 3: Post noon[edit | edit source]

This section reports on the martyrdom of Imam Hussein's companions and their biographies, during the Karbala war until the noon prayer. They Raced for Martyrdom during the war and Imam Hussein spoke in description and glorification of the martyrs who died next to him.  

Chapter 4: The Martyrdom of Ahlulbayt[edit | edit source]

This chapter describes the biography of the family of Imam Hussein and how each of them was martyred, including: Ali Al-Akbar, Abdullah ibn Muslim ibn Aqeel, Muhammad ibn Muslim ibn Aqeel, Some of the Sons of Aqeel, Ibrahim ibn Al- Hussain, Ahmad ibn Muhammad al-Hashemi, the Sons of Abdullah ibn Jafar, Abdullah al-Akbar ibn al-Hassan, Al-Abbas ibn Ali, sons of al-Abbas ibn Ali, and Ali al-Asghar.

Chapter 5: The Martyrdom of al-Hussain[edit | edit source]

This section recounts Imam Hussein's farewell to his family, which took place in two stages (farewell 1 and farewell 2) along with the details of his martyrdom. The author mentions those who hit Imam Hussein, killed him and finally slaughtered him (those who joined in the killing of al-Hussain).  

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