Tazalum e Al-Zahra Man Ihraq Dema Al-Abba (Book)

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The book Tazalum e Al-Zahra Man Ihraq Dema Al-Abba (P.B.U.TH), is a historical-narrative book about the uprising and martyrdom of Imam Hussein.

About the book[edit | edit source]

This book written by Razi Qazvini and edited by Sayyed Mahdi Rajai, has been translated into Farsi by Alireza Rejali Tehrani with the title of Tarikh-e- Jame-e- Zendegani-e- Emam Hussein (comprehensive history of the life of Imam Hussein) and was published in Qom in 1388 by Khadim al-Reza publishing house.

Tazalum e Al-Zahra was written in Arabic in 1118 AH. According to the author in the introduction of the book, this book is a description of Sayyid Ibn Tavus's Lohoof, and most of its sources are extracted from Bihar al-Anwar.

The arrangement of the contents of the book is the same as in Lohoof. It consists of three introductions, three chapters, and an ending; each part consists of several parts.

The first introduction is about some miracles and moral virtues and some reasons for the authenticity of Imam Hussein.

The second introduction contains narrations about the spiritual reward of crying for that Imam.

The third introduction contains narrations about mourning, especially in Tasu'a and Ashura.

The first chapter is about pre-war affairs and includes the following:

  • Ayah and narrations about Imam Hussein
  • His departure from Madinah and entering Mecca
  • The martyrdom of Muslim bin Aqeel
  • The departure of Imam and his companions to Karbala

In the second chapter, the events of Karbala and the martyrdom of the Imam and his companions are discussed.

The third chapter is about the story of the Imam's family and their arrival in Kufa and Levant. In this part these issues have been discussed:

  • Events on the way to Levant
  • The meeting of Yazid
  • Some miracles that happened to the Imam’s family
  • The burial of his head
  • Arbaeen and the Rajʿa (return) of the Ahl al-Bayt to Medina

The conclusion of the book, which is about two hundred pages, deals with:

  • The return of Imam Hussein during the era of Imam Zaman
  • The divine punishment of his murderers
  • The uprising of Mukhtar
  • The attack of the caliphs on his grave

The importance of the book[edit | edit source]

It should be mentioned that in the book "Vaqai al-Ayyam fi Tetama Muharram al-Haram", Vaez Tabrizi Khiyabani has discussed the present book and said: "Mirza Razi Qazvini, the author of Tazalum Al-Zahra, and Agha Razi Qazvini, the author of Lisan al-Khas, are two authors of the same name. In a version of Tazalum Al-Zahra, which was published in 1312 AD, two narrations are mentioned, none of which is written by the author of the book, and both of them were confused at the time of copying. Another thing to consider is that the author of the book has quoted some words of Hazrat Zainab regarding the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, which is in no way in accordance with the great patience of that respectable lady, and over time, it has changed from a simple and popular language to a specialized language and from the form of verse to the form of prose, and the author has been very negligent in this position, Even though his book is reliable and he has provided evidence and documents for all his words."