Hani b. Thubayt

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Hani b. Thubayt
One of Horse-riders over Imam's Body
Native name
هانی بن ثُبَیت
Full NameHani b. Thubayt al-Hadrami
Cause of DeathKilled by the order of al-Mukhtar
EraBanu Umayya
Notable rolesReporting the Event of Karbala
ActivitiesMurderer of Abd Allah b. 'Umayr al-Kalbi and Abd Allah and Ja'far

Hani b. Thubayt (Arabic: هانی بن ثُبَیت) (killed in 66/685) fought on the side of 'Umar b. Sa'd's army on the Day of Ashura. He was involved in killing Abd Allah b. 'Umayr al-Kalbi. He was also responsible for killing Abd Allah b. al-Imam Ali and Ja'far b. al-Imam Ali, children of al-Imam Ali. He was one of those who looted the bow and clothes of Imam al-Hussain. After looting, he and the nine other horsemen trampled over the body of Imam al-Hussain by the order of Ibn Sa'd

He has reported some of the Events of Karbala. He was finally killed in the uprising of Mukhtar.

In the Battle of Karbala[edit | edit source]

On the day of Ashura, Hani b. Thubayt fought against Imam Hussain's army.

Hani b. Thubayt together with Bukayr b. Hayy al-Tamimi killed Abd Allah b. 'Umayr al-Kalbi. He was the killer of Abd Allah and Ja'far, sons of Imam Ali and has been cursed in the Ziyarah al-Shuhada'. However, in some sources, Ja'far b. Ali has been mentioned to have been killed by Khuli b. Yazid.

Some sources have also mentioned him as the killer of Abd Allah b. Hussain and Abd Allah b. Hasan.

In the Battle of Karbala, he followed the order of 'Umar b. Sa'd and trampled over the body of Imam and crushed the bones of Imam's chest and back. He and Rahil b. Khuthayma al-Ju'fi and Jarir b. Mas'ud al-Hadrami also stole Imam's bow and clothes.

Reporting the Events of Ashura[edit | edit source]

Hani b. Thubayt reported some of the events of Karbala. Abu Mikhnaf reported the last conversation of Imam al-Hussain with 'Umar b. Sa'd from Abu Jinab Kalbi who quoted from Hani, saying that Imam al-Hussain sent a message to 'Umar b. Sa'd by Amr b. Qaraza to meet at night. At night, Imam and Ibn Sa'd each accompanied by twenty horsemen met. They both asked their companions to stand away. Their meeting lasted well into the night.

Death[edit | edit source]

Hani b. Thubayt was killed in 66/686 in the Uprising of Mukhtar and by his order.

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