S. V. Mir Ahmed Ali

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S.V. Mir Ahmed Ali
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OccupationIslamic Author

S. V. Mir Ahmed Ali is an Indian Islamic scholar of Shia and religious leader. He was a teacher, a writer, a theologian and has written a number of books on religion.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Mir Ahmed Ali was born on 15 July 1902 in Madras, British India.  He received primary education from his maternal uncle Mr. Mir Jaffer Hussain Peer and later matriculated at Harris High School, Madras.

He obtained the title of Munshi Fazil, B.O.L Degree and received an  M.A in Arabic and Persian and then started working in the same college as Assistant Professor and later on he got B.T and M.Ed. degree from Madras University.

Academic interests[edit | edit source]

Mir Amhmed’s interest in Arabic and Persian language made him pursue a higher proficiency in those languages.

Social life[edit | edit source]

He founded The Hussainy Trust (formerly known as Madarasa-e-Hussainy and Yateemkhana) in 1943, and devoted his life to improve the orphans’ and destitute children’s life during his travels to India and abroad.

Publications[edit | edit source]


Selected book[edit | edit source]

This book presents the lifetime of Imam Hussain from birth to martyrdom, and concentrates on his life with his mother; his father, brother, and his role in wars and

the rest of the affairs before his imamate. It is also a precise exposition of Karbala occurrences.

Sources[edit | edit source]