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Rizwan mawani
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OccupationScholar, Research Consultant and Author

Rizwan Mawani is a Canadian scholar and research consultant in anthropology and religious studies.

Academic Interest[edit | edit source]

Rizwan Mawani's research focuses on Muslim diversity and pluralism with specific reference to spaces of worship, ritual practice and forms of religious authority. He has degrees from Carleton University in Canada and the Graduate Theological Union in the United States.

Rizwan has conducted field research with more than 50 Muslim communities across 17 countries and numerous cultures from Senegal and Iran to China and Indonesia. His research spans the range of Muslim identities from Sunni and Shi’a Muslim to Sufi and mystically inclined communities that transcend traditional theological divides.

Publications[edit | edit source]

Publications on Shi'sm[edit | edit source]

In this book, Mawani explaines the definition of "Bara Imambara" and siad : "the world’s largest Shi‘a Ithna Ashari structure focused around the events of Muharram—is located in Lucknow, India and contains countless models of Imam Hussain’s tombs (ta‘ziya; ta‘but) and replica standards carried by Imam Hussain and his family at the Battle of Karbala (alams), which are used in processions on the day of Ashura".

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