Moojan Momen

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Moojan Momen
Moojan Momen.jpg
Tabriz, Iran
OccupationGeneral Medical Praticioner

Moojan Momen is a historian and an independent scholar who retired as a General Medical Praticioner.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Moojan Momen was born in Tabriz, Iran in 1950. After the death of his father, his family migrated to England in 1955. He studied Medicine at the University of Cambridge graduating in MB B.Chir in the year 1971. He qualified as a medical practitioner in 1974 from Guy’s Hospital, London. Momen also studied Arabic and Islamic Studies at the University of Cambridge. He has written many books mainly in the field of Iranian History, Baha’i religion and Shi’a Islam. He has written many articles for Encyclopedia Iranica and Encyclopedia of Iran.

Dr Momen works as an editor in the academic journal Baha’i Studies Review. He is also a faculty member at Baha’I Wilmette Institute and Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland. He is married to scholar Wendi Momem and is currently a grandfather.

Education[edit | edit source]

  • MB B.Chir., 1968-1971, St. John’s College, University of Cambridge

Academic Activities[edit | edit source]

Gave lectures at:

  • the Institute for Studies of World Religion of the Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, 1996
  • the Middle Eastern Section, Chinese Foreign Ministry, Beijing, 1996
  • the Middle East Studies Institute, University of Shahghai, Shanghai, 1996

Key Speaker at:

  • Annual Conference of the Association for Baha'i Studies (North America), Toronto, 1988
  • Conference on Modern Religions at National Dragomanov Pedagogic University, Kiev, 2009

Given lectures to post graduate seminars at:

  • Department of Oriental Studies, Cambridge University
  • St Anthony's College, Oxford University
  • School of Oriental and African Studies, London University
  • Department of Islamic Studies, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
  • Publications

Books[edit | edit source]

Articles[edit | edit source]

Honors[edit | edit source]

  • Awarded Thomas Robbins Award for Excellence in the Study of New Religious Movements in 2009

Source[edit | edit source]