Khadijah Knight

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Khadijah Knight

Khadijah Knight is a contemporary British author, whose main concentration has been on writing literature for teenagers and young adults.

My Muslim Faith Book

Books[edit | edit source]

  1. Islamic Festivals (Celebrate) (1995)
  2. Islam (1995)
  3. My Muslim faith (1998)

Islamic Festivals (Celebrate) (1995)[edit | edit source]

In Islamic Festivals (Celebrate) (1995), the author describes not only the Islamic ceremonial rituals, but also daily or weekly routines which are observed by Muslims.

My Muslim Faith[edit | edit source]

In My Muslim Faith, the author together with a photographer asks 6 teenagers of six major religions of the world, to tell them about the religion they follow. They also answer basic questions about their religion, while having a non-fiction tone.

In the section related to Islam, Knight describes Islamic conventions, Kaaba and how Muslim males and females say prayers.

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