Idib at-Tafe a'oo shuara ul Husayni AS men al Qarn al-Awil al-Hijriy hat'ta al-Qarn al-Raabie Ashar (Book)

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The book Idib at-Tafe a'oo shuara ul Husayni AS men al Qarn al-Awil al-Hijriy hat'ta al-Qarn al-Raabie Ashar in the Arabic language, deals with the expression of poems and introduction of poets related to Imam Husain during the 14th century. It is written by Javad Shabbar and its foreword is by Mohammad Javad Mughnia.

Introduction of the book[edit | edit source]

Idib at Tafee is an example of Ashura literature. Taff is the name of the land of Karbala. “Idib at-Tafee" has been collected in ten volumes and has introduced the poets who wrote poems and elegies about Imam Husain, the incident of Karbala, and the martyrs of Ashura.

This collection includes poets from the 1st century to the 14th century of Hijri and Along with a brief introduction of the authors, has selected examples of their poems. The book, in a way, includes Shia literature, beliefs, feelings, and orientations of Shia poets and emphasizes the axis of the incident of Karbala. In the introduction, the author states that he did not intend and could not collect all poems related to Imam Husain; however, he tried to introduce examples of poetry.  According to Javad Shabar, the book is an expression of Shiite literature, feelings, and beliefs regarding the Ashura incident, which has been brought up in the form of poetry.

Mohammad Javad Mughniyeh has written an introduction to this book and considers writing a poem in mourning for Imam Hussein as a symbolic poem that points towards fighting against oppression in all times and places.

This book was published in 1409 AH by Dar al-Mortaza publishing house in Beirut.

Content of the book[edit | edit source]

The names of some of the poets mentioned in this book are:

  • Abu al-Ramih Khaza'i
  • Umm Kulthum
  • Abu al-Aswad Douli
  • Komayt Asadi
  • Seyyed Hamiri
  • Sahib Bin Abad
  • Sharif Razi
  • Mehyar Deilmi
  • Abul Ala Ma'ari
  • Khatib Khwarazmi
  • Ibn Abi al-Hadid
  • Fakhr al-Din Tarihi
  • Ahmad Baladi
  • Seyyed Mohammad Mehdi Bahr ul-Uloo
  • Shaykh Ahmad Ahsai
  • Seyyed Mehdi Qazvini
  • Seyyed Abdulmutallab Hilli
  • Mohammad Hossein Esfahani
  • Seyed Mohsen Amin
  • Seyyed Abdulhadi Shirazi
  • Mostafa Javad

Resources[edit | edit source]

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Javad Shabbar, Idib at-Tafee a'oo shuara ul Husayni Alayhis Salamu min al Qarn al-Awil al-Hijriy hat'ta al-Qarn al-Raabie Ashar, Dar al-Mortaza, Beirut, 1409 AH