Habibullah Sharif Kashani

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Habibullah Sharif Kashani
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Ayatollah Habibullah Sharif Kashani (1262-1340 AH) was a Mujtahid in Kashan, Iran.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Ayatollah Habibullah Sharif Kashani was born in 1262 AH to Ayatollah Mulla Ali Madd Savji and the daughter of Mirza Habibullah aka Mirza Babai Hosseini Natanzi. Ayatollah Sharif's father, Mulla Ali Madd Savji was a Mujtahid who lived his life in Saveh by guiding the people there. After the death of his father in 1270 AH, Ayatollah Sharif devoted himself to studying Islamic Sciences in his hometown of Kashan, under the supervision of Ayatollah Seyyed Hussain Kashani, who was one of the students of Ayatollah Sharif's father. At the age of eighteen, Ayatollah Sharif received the certificate of ijtihad from his teacher and throughout his life, Ayatollah Sharif did not hesitate to make efforts to acquire knowledge by traveling to various cities including Karbala, Najar, and Isfahan while benefitting from teachers such as Ayatollah Moli Mohammad Hossein, known as Fazel Ardakani Shatafete, Ayatollah Mirza Mohammad Mahdi Kalbasi, Ayatollah Mir Muhammad Ali Kashani, Shaykh Mohammad Isfahani, Haj Mullah Hadi, Mullah Abdulhadi Tehrani, Mirza Mohammad Ander Mani, and Haj Mirza Abolqasem Tehran. On the other hand, Ayatollah Sharif's scholarly brilliance and warmth caused several scholars and thinkers to benefit from his existence. Some of whom were Seyyed Mohammad Alavi Boroujerdi Kashani, Mir Seyyed Ali Yathrabi Kashani, Seyyed Mohammad Hussain Razavi, Mullah Abdul Rasool Madani Kashani, who was also Ayatollah Shari's son-in-law, Mir Syed Khalilullah Faqih, Mirza Hissein Mahalati and more. Ayatollah Mir Muhammad Ali Kashani, who was also his teacher, married his daughter to Ayatollah Sharif and they had five sons and seven daughters. Ayatollah Sharif passed away on the 23rd of Jamadi as-Sani in 1340 AH in the city of Kashan, where he spent his most of life researching, teaching, and guiding the people. His body was then buried in the Dasht Afroz tomb of Kashan.

Ayatollah Habibullah Sharif Kashani's book Tadhkirah al-Shuhada is the book that takes an emotional approach to the event of Karbala, describing the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (AS) with the help of poetry and other traditions regarding the massacre. The book also mentions the importance of Karbala, the Ashura event, and the status of Imam Hussain (AS) by giving references to Prophets such as Adam and Jesus and their relations to the Karbala event as well as mentions the journey of Imam Hussain (AS) from Madinah to Karbala, making it a book much appreciated by preachers and scholars.

Achievements & Honors[edit | edit source]

  • A mosque named Mirza Qadeem has been renamed after Ayatollah Habibullah Sharif as Masjid Mulla Habibullah Sharif