Farideh Alizadeh

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Farideh Alizadeh
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OccupationProfessor and Author

Farideh Alizadeh is an experienced Senior Lecturer with a demonstrated history of working in the Eclectic Theatre and Neo-Traditional Drama.

Education[edit | edit source]

  • Phd, Arts, University of Malaya (UM)
  • MA, Arts, Islamic Azad University, Tehran
  • BA, Arts, Islamic Azad University, Tehran

Academic Activity[edit | edit source]

  • Member of the Selection Committee for Admission to the Bachelor's Degree Prorma for the Faculty of Creative Arts, University of Malaya 20221/2022
  • Permanent Representative of the Cultural Centre for the University of Malaya Library Committee (Wakil Tetap Jawatankuasa Perpustakaan), University Malaya, 17/08/2020 to present
  • Coordinator, University of Malaya, 23/06/2020 to present
  • Professor of drama and theatre at University of Malaya

Articles[edit | edit source]

  • A Comparative Study: The Principles of the Distancing Effect in Brechtian Theater and Ta’Ziyeh, Cogent Arts & Humanities, 7:1, 2020, Co-authored with Mohd Nasir Hashim
  • Kaboudan and Esfandiar under Eclecticism: An Analytical Study. Cogent Arts & Humanities, 2019, Co-authored with Hashim, MN
  • Xenophobia in Shakespeare s the merchant of Venice. Sarjana, [s.l.], v. 33, n. 1, p. 11-21, June 2018.
  • Role of Cultural Coffee-House in the Sustainable Development of Traditional Performance In Iran, Journal Of Tirai Panggung, Volume 13, 2017, Pp. 60-9, Co-authored with MN Hashim, R Amini
  • When The Attraction Of Ta’Ziyeh Is Diminished, The Community Should Inevitably Find A Suitable Replacement For It_ Taylor & Francis, Cogent Arts & Humanities, Volume 3, Number 1, June 2016, 1-13. Co-authored with MN Hashi
  • A critical research of the eclectic theatres (1980s). Research on culture and art, 1(1), 57-67, 2009

Books[edit | edit source]

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