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Mirza Mohammad Ebrahim Nawab Tehrani (1825/26 - 1882 CE) was a merchant, writer, and official in the Qajar court during the second part of the thirteen century AH.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Mirza Mohammad Ebrahim Nawab Tehrani, aka, Badaie Negar was born in Tehran in 1241 AH to Mohammad Mehdi Nawab, who was considered one of Tehran's noblemen and belonged to a family of traders. In his early youth, Ebrahim too worked as a merchant, however, as he wasn't interested in trading, he turned to pursue his interests by acquiring knowledge. He passed away in Tehran on the 15th of Rabi al-Awwal and was buried in Najaf Ashraf.

Career[edit | edit source]

● Officer of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Qajar Persia

● Head of Ministry of Trade in Qajar Persia

● First Deputy of Ministry of Science in Qajar Persia

Books[edit | edit source]

● Hizaar Daastaan

● Tareek-e-Mabsoot-e-Dowlat-e-Qajar

● Aqd ul-Layli fi Naqd ul-Ma'aali

● Faiz ud-Damou, 1286 AH

An Innovation in writing the Maqtals[edit | edit source]

By writing the book, Faiz ud-Damou, Mirza Mohammad Ebrahim Nawab, brought an innovation into the writing style of Maqtals that were being written. The author wanted to write a Maqtal in which truth is written and not like the other book which according to the author wrote only what people wanted to hear. Therefore, Mirza Ebrahim has mentioned a large number of sources along with the Arabic text of the narration or the poem that they contain without adding any points himself.