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Khuzaymiya (Arabic:الخزیمیه) is a station on the way between Mecca and Kufa where Imam Hussain stayed for one day and night before moving toward Zarud station. While staying at Khuzaymiya, Zainab heard a voice warning about moving the caravan towards death.

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Naming and Location[edit | edit source]

It is named after Khuzaymah Ibn Hazim. According to Mu’jam al-Buldan, it is located between Zarud and Hajir on a traveller's way from Kufa to Mecca.

Events[edit | edit source]

Imam Hussain stayed at al-Khuzaymiyya for one day and one night. In the morning, his sister Zainab came to him and said, “I heard a voice saying:

O eyes, do exceedingly celebrate!

Who, after me, shall the martyrs mourn?

Who shall mourn folks driven by fate To their destiny,

to fulfill a promise sworn?”

He said, “O sister! Whatever is decreed shall come to pass.”[1]

Then, Imam al-Hussain said, "My sister! Whatever God destines will happen."

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