Al-Imam Al-Husayn (AS) wa Ashabeh

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Al-Imam Husayn wa Ashabeh
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Original titleالامام الحسین علیه السلام و اصحابه

Al-Imam Al-Husayn (AS) wa Ashabeh (En:Imam Hussain and his companions) is a descriptive-analytical book about the uprising of Imam Hossein and his companions.

About the author[edit | edit source]

Fazl Ali Qazvin, the author of this book who passed away in 1988, was one of the recent era mujtahids and one of the disciples of Akhund Khorasani.

About the book[edit | edit source]

This book is written by Fazl Ali Qazvini and edited and corrected by Seyyed Ahmad Hosseini, but the date of its writing is not known. Qazvini in this book has described and analyzed Imam Hussain's uprising and has also discussed the companions and women who accompanied him.

There are interesting points in the book. For example, in response to the problem of why Imam Hussain deliberately moved towards being killed, the author said that Hussain did not pay attention to his foreknowledge and acted like an ordinary person.  According to the author, the book Maqtal, by Esfarayini contains lies and things contrary to the truth.  He considers this tradition that after the martyrdom of Muslim Ibn Aqeel, Imam Hussain intended to return to Madinah but Muslim's children prevented him, as false and contrary to the opinion of the Shiite elders.  Referring to the tradition that Imam Hussain's horse stopped when he reached Karbala, the author considers it a fake report existing in the book of Abu Mikhnaf as well as al-Muntakhab Tarihi and the latter ones followed these two.  The author says that an army had come from Syria to fight against Imam Hussain and anyone who denies the existence of the Syrian Army does not know the history.  According to the author, the occurrence of earthquakes, solar eclipses, and other extraordinary events after the martyrdom of Imam Hussain was certain, and he adds that today also there is a tree near Qazvin from which blood flows on the day of Ashura.

Content of the book[edit | edit source]

This book has three volumes:

  • The first volume is about the male companions of Imam Hussain who were present in Karbala
  • The second volume is about the martyrdom of Imam Hussain
  • The third volume is dedicated to the women of Ahl al-Bayt and other women who were present in Karbala

But in the printing of the book, this division was not observed and the second volume was published first and the other volumes of the book have not been published yet.

In this volume, out of its nine chapters, the first to fourth chapters contain some of the text of sermons, letters, words, and wills of Imam Hussein, with brief explanations. In the fifth chapter, the events of his emigration from Madinah to Makkah and from there to Karbala, and the places where the Imam resided during his journey from Makkah to Karbala have been discussed. The sixth and seventh chapters are about the events of the eve of Ashura and Day of Ashura, and at the beginning of both of these chapters, it has been mentioned: “In some books, especially the Persian books written by late people, events and cases about the eve of Ashura and the Day of Ashura have been narrated, most of which have no evidence in the preceding books. That's why the citation of these contents has been avoided.”  In the eighth chapter, the events that occurred at the time of Imam Hussain's martyrdom (solar eclipses, the appearance of redness in the sky, rain of blood, etc.) have been discussed and the people who justify or deny them have been criticized. The ninth chapter is about the events that took place after the martyrdom of Imam Hussain, including the stealing of his clothes, the number of wounds on his body, how his companions were buried, and the adventures of that Prophet’s severed head.