Abolfazl Tehrani

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Abolfazl Tehrani
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Mirza Abolfazl Tehrani (1273-1316 AH) was a mujtahid, researcher, and a poet

Biography[edit | edit source]

Mirza Abolfazl Tehrani was born in Tehran in 1273 AH and was brought up in an educated religious family. From the age of five, he was under the education of his scholar father, Mirza Abulqasem Kalantar and after completing his preliminary education under the home-school teachers including learning Persian, Arabic, and Quran literature, Mirza Abolfazl Tehrani devoted himself to studying principles, jurisprudence, logic, hadith, and wisdom. By the age of 20, Mirza Abolfazl Tehrani had completed the high levels of jurisprudence and principles of Religion and had become one of the famous scholars of Tehran by studying in the presence of the great jurists of the Tehran area, including Seyyed Mohammad Sadiq Tabatabaei and Mirza Abdur Rahim Nahavandi and attained the rank of Ijtihad. In wisdom, philosophy, and mysticism, he also benefited from the presence of Seyyed Abul Hasan Jalloh and Mirza Mohammad Reza Qomshehi for many years. Mirza Abolfazl Tehrani moved to Najaf Ashraf to acquire more knowledge and would sit among the students of Mirza Habibullah Rashti. From there, he was invited to Samarra by Mirza Mohammad Hasan Shirazi and upon the requests of his close friends, Mirza Abulfazl Tehrani decided to be among the students of Mirza Shirazi and stayed there for about ten years, from 1300 to 1310 AH.

Mirza Abulfazl Tehrani was also talented in literature and writing Arabic and Persian poems. Moreover, he had thousands of verses memorized, to the point where Seyyed Haydar Helli, one of the famous poets of Iraq, could not resist being with Mirza Abulfazl Tehrani when he went to Samarra and wrote an ode praising Mirza Abulfazl Tehrani. Seyyed Mohammad Saeed Habboubi, another famous poet, also praised Mirza Abulfazl Tehrani. On the 8th of Safar 1316 AH, Mirza Abulfazl Tehrani left this world owing to typhoid and was buried in the shrine of Hazrat Abdul Azim in Tehran, next to his father.

Career[edit | edit source]

● Supervisor of Sepehsalar School in Tehran, (1310-1316 AH)

Books[edit | edit source]

● "Diwan ul-Haji Mirza Abulfazl Tehrani", (ed. Mirjalaluddin Mohaddath Urmoi), Tehran, 1370 AH

"Shafa al-Sodor fi Sharh Ziyarat al-Ashur", Tubaye Muhabbat, Qom, 1435 AH

● "Al-E'saabatu fi man Ajma'at Alayhi E'saabatu", Samarra, 1304 AH