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Torsten Hylen
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OccupationProfessor and Author

Torsten Hylen is a Swedish scholar in Islamic Studies who worked on history and formation of Shi'ism.

Educations[edit | edit source]

  • Th.D. in the history of religions from Uppsala University, Sweden, in 2007

Title of His thesis was “Hussain, the Mediator: A Structural Analysis of the Karbala Drama according to Abu Jafar Muhammad b. Jarir al-Ṭabari In this study

It is an analysis of the Event of Karbala  i.e. the death of Hussain b. Ali in the hands of an army which had been sent out by the Umayyad authorities, at Karbala in 60/680 as it is retold by the Muslim jurist and historiographer Abu Ja`far Muḥammad b. Jarir al-Ṭabari.

Professional background[edit | edit source]

  • Associate professor in religious studies at Dalarna University.
  • Worked at the School of Humanities and Media studies, Dalarna University.

Academic interests and Research[edit | edit source]

Dr Hylen’s research mainly concerns the early history of Islam with an emphasis on the formative period of Shi`ism, but He has also written about theoretical issues within the history of religions and the didactics of religion. Other interests of him are Islam in West Africa, and apocalyptic ideas in contemporary Islam.

He has worked on "Devotion to Hussain in Early Shi'ism", the purpose of which is to trace the development of the image Hussain b. Ali among early Shi'ites (i.e. up to the end of the 8th century CE).

His next academic project is “The Karbala Story: From skirmish to cosmic Battle.” He believed that the story of Hussain’s death at Karbala is in process of being elevated from a tragic account of a battle to a myth with its associated rituals, and that parts of this transformation can be traced through some of the early historical accounts.

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