Tears for Karbala

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Tears for Karbala
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AuthorLiaket Dewji
PublisherIndependent Publishing Platform

The book Tears For Karbala aims to spread the truth about the Islamic faith in general and the Shi`a School of Thought in particular.

About the book[edit | edit source]

This book published in CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (April 27, 2014), has 48 pages, and is about traditional majaalis (lectures) of the twelve days of Muharram. It provides Detailed biographies of companions and family members of Imam Husayn, and accounts of the events before and after the day of 'Ashura.

Abstract of chapters[edit | edit source]

Majlis 1: Majaalis al-Husayn[edit | edit source]

In this part, the author describes twelve days and nights of  Majaalis al-Husayn in which the Shi’a recall the events of the martyrdom of Imam Husayn, his family and companions, and the hardship and suffering of those in his family who survived the tragedy of Karbala.

Majlis 2: Arrival In Karbala’[edit | edit source]

On the 2nd day of Muharram, Husayn's caravan reached Karbala’. Imam Husayn enquired about the price of the land in Karbala’. He then bought the entire land. After that, he separately spoke to the menfolk of the tribe, womenfolk of the tribe, the children, and to everyone who had gathered around. Imam then ordered the tents to be pitched by the river.

Majlis 3: Janabe John[edit | edit source]

Janabe John was sent as a gift from Abu Dharr Ghiffari, to the household of Hazrat ‘Ali and Bib Fatimah. In the company of Hazrat ‘Ali he learnt the tafseer of the Quran and traditions of the Holy Prophet. He also knew the Holy Qur’an by heart. When Hazrat ‘Ali was martyred, John stayed with Imam Hassan and after Imam Hassan's death he stayed on with Imam Husayn. The battle of Karbala’ started. One-by-one, Imam's friends took permission to go for Jihad. One-by-one Husayn's companions were martyred. John was very pleased with himself as he got permission and headed for the battlefield. He wanted to wake up the enemies and remind them of the truth, but Yazid's soldiers were evil. They were not Muslims. They were not prepared to listen to the truth. Janabe John was attacked. Arrows were fired from all directions. John fought the Jihad bravely.

Majlis 4: Janabe Hurr[edit | edit source]

Hurr was a captain of Yazid's army. He was the captain who stopped Husayn from going to Kufa. He, with his 1,000 men, forced Husayn to come to Karbala’. On 9th Muharram, Hurr could hear the cry: “Al-Atash! Al-Atash! Al-Atash!” “Thirst Thirst! Thirst!” The children in Husayn's camp were crying for water. Hurr could not sleep the whole night. He spent the night weeping and begging Allah to forgive him. Hurr threw himself at Husayn's feet and said that he was ashamed of himself and asked Husayn to forgive him. He was a strong and brave man. He fought the battle gallantly and sent many of Yazid's men to Hell. Hurr died on Imam Husayn's lap.

Majlis 5: Habib Ibn Mazaahir[edit | edit source]

Day-by-day, the scene in Karbala’ was changing. More and more soldiers join the enemy's camp. Thousands have gathered to kill Husayn - the grandson of the Holy Prophet. Imam Husayn wrote a letter to his childhood friend, Habib Ibn Mazaahir, who was in Kufa. Kufa was blocked off and nobody was allowed to leave. Habib read the letter from Husayn. He kissed it and tears began to flow from his eyes. He escaped from Kufa toward Karbala without being seen. Habib with his slave galloped towards Karbala’. He fought bravely but was finally over-powered. He fell to the ground. As Habib Ibn Mazaahir fell to the ground, an enemy soldier came over and cut off his head. All the martyrs of Karbala’ had their heads cut off, but Habib's was the first to be cut off by the enemy.

Majlis 6: ‘Aun & Muhammad[edit | edit source]

The night of the 9th of Muharram came. Mothers of Karbala’ were preparing their children. Tonight is the night of these two children, ‘Aun - Muhammad, Bibi Zainab's young sons. ‘Aun was only 13 years old. Muhammad was only 11 years old. Aun - Muhammad rode out on to the battlefield. They fought bravely together. They were the grandsons of Ja’far and ‘Ali. They pushed the enemies back. Hundreds of Yazid's men were killed. ‘Abbas, who had trained ‘Aun - Muhammad in the art of sword fighting, was filled with pride.Umar Saad, Yazid's commander, got worried. He ordered his soldiers to separate the two brothers and then attack them from all sides. The two brothers were attacked by horsemen running from one side to another. ‘Aun - Muhammad were attacked with arrows, swords, spears and daggers from all sides

Majlis 7: Hazrat Qasim[edit | edit source]

Tonight is the night of Shah Qasim, the 13-year-old son of Imam Hassan and Umm Farwah. By Zuhr time, Imam Husayn was left with only his family. Qasim took permission from his uncle, Husayn to fight. He was the young son of Hasan, the grandson of ‘Ali and he was trained by ‘Abbas. Qasim fought gallantly, he fought a battle history will never forget. The enemy could not overpower him. One of Yazid's cowardly soldiers came from behind and hit Qasim on the head with a sword. Qasim was covered in blood.The young Qasim, thirsty for three days, could not take it anymore. He fell from his horse. Qasim was not in one piece. The horses had trodden on him and torn him to pieces.

Majlis 8: Hazrat ‘Abbas[edit | edit source]

Tonight is a very tragic night; it is the night of Hazrat ‘Abbas. ‘Abbas was like his father, ‘Ali. He had all the qualities of his great father. ‘Abbas was brave, strong, wise, loving, obedient and faithful. In one hand ‘Abbas carried the Alam of Husayn's army and in the other he held a spear and Sakina's mashk. He had no sword to fight but had a spear for protection. He headed for River Furaat. ‘Abbas reached the river and filled Sakina's mashk. ‘Abbas, with his Alam in one hand and his spear and Sakina's water-filled mashk in the other, rode back. Umar Saad, Yazid's commander, ordered his men to stop ‘Abbas taking water to Husayn's tents. The enemies surrounded ‘Abbas. They fired arrows from all directions. ‘Abbas was hit with many arrows. He was bleeding.

Majlis 9: Hazrat ‘Ali Akbar[edit | edit source]

Tonight, is the night of the teenage son of Husayn, the life of Husayn, the darling of Zainab and Umm Laila, the image of the Holy Prophet - Tonight is the night of ‘Ali Akbar! ‘Ali Akbar fought bravely. He killed many well-known warriors. Umar Saad ordered his soldiers to kill ‘Ali Akbar. While a few soldiers together attacked ‘Ali Akbar, one crept up to him and thrust a spear into ‘Ali Akbar's chest.

Majlis 10: Hazrat ‘Ali Asghar[edit | edit source]

Tonight is the night of ‘Ali Asghar. The little Mujaheed - the little soldier and the youngest Shaheed. ‘Ashura’ came to the land of Karbala’. Husayn, with his sword Zulfikar on his waist, mounted Zuljiana, his horse. Husayn rode his horse to a small mount, he then called out loudly:

“Is there anyone to help me? Is there anyone to help the grandson of the Holy Prophet?”

No one answered Husayn's last call. But Husayn heard the sound of crying coming from his camp. It was Ali Asghar’s voice. Husayn walked to Yazid's soldiers. By moving his abaa he uncovered ‘Ali Asghar. He held ‘Ali Asghar high with both his hands and said:

I beg you to give water to this innocent little child.”

Not one of Yazid's soldiers brought any water for ‘Ali Asghar. Umar Saad ordered his best archer: “Hurmullah! Hurmullah aimed an arrow at ‘Ali Asghar. An arrow not with one head, not with two heads, but with three sharp heads. The arrow went through Husayn's arm and lodged in the tiny neck of ‘Ali Asghar. ‘Ali Asghar died instantly.

Majlis 11: Imam Husayn[edit | edit source]

Imam Husayn walked to his horse. Husayn had helped everyone to mount their horses, but now Husayn is alone. Shimr, the most evil of Yazid's men, walked to Imam Husayn. He had a big dagger in his hand. Shimr did not let Imam Husayn lift his head from the last sajdah. The earth trembled. The sky turned black. Jibrael cried out:

“Husayn has been killed in Karbala’! Husayn has been killed in Karbala’!”

Majlis 12: Shaam al-Ghariba[edit | edit source]

Yazid’s beastly men came to the tents. They looted all the belongings of the Holy ladies. They even snatched away the ladies' hijab. Fatimah’s daughters were left bare-headed. The Holy ladies and children were left homeless. Tonight is the night of Shaam Al-Ghariba. The night of the homeless. Bibi Zainab settled all the ladies and children. She then stood on guard with a broken spear in her hand.

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