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| image=Picture-storyteller_masters_of_iran.png
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| text = The [[Picture-storyteller Masters of Iran]] was written by Hamid Reza Ardalan, musician and scholar of ritual arts of Iran, in thirty volumes. This work introduces thirty Pardekhans who are among the remaining generation of picture-storytellers. This book is the result of ten years of library research and field work of the author. Each volume of this series is around 25 picture pages and includes an introduction and analysis of one of the picture-storytellers. The book and CD, as a contribution to preserving ritual arts and oral heritage of Iran, have been published by “Farhagestan-e Honar” in both English and Persian languages.

| image =Eternal_Performance_Taziyeh.jpg
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| text = [[Ta'ziya]] is an Islamic Shi'ite ritual performed mainly in Iran. The Arabic term ta'ziya (Per., Ta'ziyeh) means to mourn or to offer one's condolences for a death. It is also sometimes called ta’ziya khani, or shabih khani. The term taʻziya has been used primarily in Iran to refer to a Shi'ite religious ritual consisting of a theatrical re-enactment of the tragic seventh century Battle of Karbala. This historic battle was fought between the followers of prophet Muhammad's grandson, Imam Hussain and the troops of the second Umayyad caliph Yazid. While taʼziya performance rituals have been mostly restricted to Iran, the Shi'a of South Asia and Iraq use the term taʻziya to refer to a model or replica of Hussain's tomb, which they use in their ritual processions, after which they are ritually discarded.[[Picture-storyteller Masters of Iran|Full Article...]]

| image1 = Akbar_Abdollahzade_5.png
| title1 = [[Akbar abdollahzade]]
| image2 = Ebrahim_Dehdashti_10.jpg
| title2 = [[Ebrahim dehdashti]]
| image3 =Gholam_reza_darvishi_02.png
| title3 = [[Gholam reza darvishi]]
| image4 = Karim_karimi_mehr_6.jpg
| title4 = [[Karim karimi mehr]]
| image5 = Mirza_ali_khandan_7.jpg
| title5 = [[Mirza ali khandan]]

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