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Jabala b. Ali al-Shaybani

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'''Jabala b. 'Ali al-Shaybani''' (Arabic: جَبَلَة بن عَلی الشَیبانی) was martyred at the Battle of [[Karbala]]. He accompanied also supported [[ʿAli ibn Abi Talib|Imam Ali]] in the [ Battle of Siffin] and also participated in the uprising of [[Muslim b. ʿAqil b. Abi Talib|Muslim b. 'Aqil]] in his uprising in [[Kufa]].
==Before the Event of Karbala==Jabala b. 'Ali was from Banu Shayban tribe (a branch of Bakr b. Wa'il). He was famous for his bravery. According to some sources, he was in Imam 'Ali's army in the Battle of Siffin. He also accompanied Muslim b. 'Aqil in his uprising in Kufa. However, before Before Muslim b. 'Aqil's was [[martyrdom|martyred]], Jabala went to hid among his own tribe and hid there. Thus he escaped capture by ibn Ziyad.
==In the Event of During Karbala==When Imam [[Hussain ibn Ali|Hussain]] reached Karbala, he Jabala joined the Imam's his army. He was then martyred in the first attack on the Day of [[Ashura]].
He is mentioned in the [[Ziyarah al-Shuhada'|Ziyarat al-Shuhada]]: "peace mentions him by name, saying, <blockquote>Peace be upon Jabala b. 'Ali al-Shaybani" (السَّلَامُ عَلَی جَبَلَةَ بْنِ عَلِی الشَّیبَانِی). </blockquote>
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