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Abu l-Hutuf b. al-Harth al-Ansari

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| Activities = Being one of Khawarij and participating in the Battle of Nahrawan
'''Abu l-Hutuf b. al-Harth al-Ansari''' (Arabic: أبوالحتوف بن حَرث (الحارث) الأنصاری) was martyred in the Battle of [[Karbala]]. He was fighting on the side of [[Omar Ibn Sa’d|'Umar b. Sa'd]]'s army but later he joint [[Hussain ibn Ali|Imam al-Hussain]] and was martyred.
==Name and Lineage==
He is also known as Abu l-Hutuf Salama b. Harth al-Ansari al-'Ajlani. According to later sources, his name was Abu l-Hutuf, and his father's name was Harth b. Salama al-Ansari al-'Ajlani. He was from [[Kufa]], from the Banu 'Ajlan clan, one of the Khawarij in Kufa, and from the Khazraj tribe in Medina who were from Ansar.
It is said that Abu l-Hutuf and his brother, Sa'd b. al-Harith (Harth) were among [[Omar Ibn Sa’d|'Umar b. Sa'd]]'s army fighting Imam al-Hussain. On the Day of [[Ashura|'Ashura]] when all of the Imam's companions were martyred except [[Suwayd b. 'Amr al-Khath'ami|Suwayd b. 'Amr b. Abi Muta']] and Bashir b. 'Amr al-Hadrami, Imam asked for help, and women and children in his camps began to cry. When Abu l-Hutuf and his brother, Sa'd, heard the Imam's call and the cry of women and children from [[Prophet Muhammad|the Prophet Muhammad]]'s household, they said: "There is no verdict except by God and we do not obey the one who committed sins; this is Hussain, the son of the daughter of our Prophet Muhammad. How can we fight him while he has no soldiers, while we hope for his grandfather's intercession on Dooms Day?" They then drew their swords and fought for Imam al-Hussain. After killing three people and injuring a number of others, they were both martyred in one place. In his ''Ibsar al-'ayn'', al-Samawi holds that Abu l-Hutuf and his brother, Sa'd, were martyred after Imam al-Hussain's martyrdom.
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