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Molhaghat Al-Ahqaq is a book in the margins of the book of Ahqaq al-Haq and Izhaq al-Batil written by Noorullah bin Sharifuddin Shushtri, which was previously published under the title "Al-Thani al-Muntazama wa Al-Dorar al-Thamina". It contains hadiths of Imam Hussain from Sunni sources written by Sayyid Shahabuddin Marashi Najafi and with the efforts of Sayyid Mahmoud Marashi.

About the book[edit | edit source]

This book is an attachment to the book Ahqaq al-Haq and Izhaq al-Batil, by Qazi Noorullah Shushtri. It is several times the text of the book Ahqaq, and it was recognized as the selected book of the year 1374 and the selected book of the third period of the book of the year of the province in 1380.

Some parts of this book are about Imam Hussain, including a part of the eleventh volume (pp. 255-648), but volume 27 is entirely dedicated to that Imam. This book has been prepared under the author's supervision and with the help of some scholars of Qom seminary.

The content of the book[edit | edit source]

Molhaghat al-Ahqaq includes hadiths about Imam Hussain and from Imam Hussain, and some historical narrations about his status, resurrection, and martyrdom. All hadiths in the book are from Sunni sources and about the following topics:

  • The birth of Imam Hussain
  • The hadiths of the Prophet about him
  • His characteristics
  • His sermons, letters ,and words
  • The worldly punishment of his murderers
  • Changes in the world after his martyrdom
  • The date and place of his martyrdom

The book of Molhaghat Al-Ahqaq has been rewritten with many corrections and additions in a new format. So far twenty volumes of it have been published under the title of "Mosoua Al-Imamah fi Nasoos Ahl al-Sunnah" has been published by Seyyed Mahmoud Marashi Najafi, Mohammad Esfandiari, and some other researchers. This work won three Book Awards in Iran:

  1. The Year Book of the seminary, in 1385 SH.
  2. The Season Book of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in 1389 SH
  3. The Year Book of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in 1389 SH

Sources[edit | edit source]

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