Abu Thumama al-Sa'idi

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Abu Thumama al-Sa'idi
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Native nameعمرو بن عبدالله بن کعب
Full NameAmr b. Abd Allāh b. Kaʿb
Companion ofImam al-Hussain
TeknonymAbu Thumama
LineageBanu Sa'id
Place(s) of ResidenceKufa
Cause of
Martyrdom in event of Ashura
Burial PlaceHoly shrine of Imam Hussain, Karbala, Iraq
ActivitiesParticipating in the battles of Jamal, Siffin, Nahrawan, battle of Imam Hussain with Mu'awiya

Abu Thumama al-Ṣa'idi also Known as Amr b. Abd Allah b. Kaʿb was a prominent companion of Imam Ali and imam Hussain. He was among noble men of Kufa who invited Imam Hussain to Kufa. He participated in the Battle of Karbala and was martyred on the day of Ashura.

In the Uprising of Imam al-Husayn (a)[edit | edit source]

He accompanied Imam Ali in all of the battles during his caliphate. Then he became a companion of Imam al-Hasan and accompanied him in his conflict with Mu'awiya. After that, he became a companion of Imam Hussain and stayed in Kufa after Imam Hussain moved toward Medina.

After Mu'awiya's death, he was among the people who gathered in the house of Sulayman b. Surad al-Khuza'i to invite Imam Hussian to Kufa and he sent a letter to Mecca to Imam Hussain.[1]

He was one of the great horse riders of Arab and was a prominent Shi'a in Kufa. While Muslim b. 'Aqil was in Kufa, he raised people's charity, managed financial affairs and bought weapons.[2]

In the uprising of people of Kufa against Ubayd Allah b. Ziyad, Muslim b. Aqil assigned Abu Thumama as the commander of Tamim and Hamdan tribes.

Adopting the policy of bribing and terrifying the heads of important tribes, Ubayd Allah b. Ziyad dispersed people from around Muslim b. Aqil and martyred him. After Muslim b. Aqil, Ubayd Allah b. Ziyad pursued Abu Thumama. He hid in his tribe for some days,[3] then secretly left Kufa along with Nafi' b. Hilal. He joined Imam Hussain on his way from Mecca to Kufa and accompanied him to Karbala.[4]

Some of his actions on the day of Ashura is preventing Kathir b. 'Abd Allah al-Sha'bi, the herald of Umar b. Sa'd, to carry his weapon before Imam Hussain. And at noon, he mentioned that the noon prayer's time had come, and Imam Hussain asked Allah blessing for him.[5]

Martyrdom[edit | edit source]

According to al-Tabari, after the martyrdom of Hurr b. Yazid al-Riyahi, Abu Thumama continued fighting until he was martyred.

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