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ʿUdhayb al-Hijanat (Arabic: عُذَیبُ الهِجانات) is a travel station on the way between Mecca and Kufa. In 'Udhayb al-Hijanat, Imam al-Hussain met four people from Kufa, guided by Tirimmah b. Adi. They delivered the news of Qays b. Mushir al-Saydawi's martyrdom and a report about the circumstances of Kufa to the Imam. It was in this same station where Tirimmah heard the news of the martyrdom of Imam al-Hussain and his companions.

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Location and Naming[edit | edit source]

Al-’Udhayb is a valley inhabited by Banu Tamim where a Persian garrison is [then and there] stationed. The distance between it and al-Qadisiyya is six miles. It was named so because the horses of al-Nu’man, king of Hira, used to graze there.

Events[edit | edit source]

At ‘Udhayb al-Hajanat, Al-Hussain met four men who were leaving Kufa on camel-back, taking with them “al-Kamil,” a horse belonging to a man called Nafi’ B. Hilal. They were: Amr B. Khalid al-Saydawi, his slave Sa’d, Majma’ B. Abdullah al-Mathhaji, and Nafi’ B. Hilal. Their guide, al-Tirimmah B. Adiy al-Ta’i, was chanting the following verses:

O my she-camel! Do not complain of my impatience,

And set out just before the sun rises,

So we may join the best of riders and embark

Upon the best journey till we reach

One beautified with the best of descent,

The munificent, the free, the open-hearted one

Whom Allah brought for the best of affair:

May He preserve him as He preserves time!

When they reached al-Hussain, they chanted those verses for him, so he said, “By Allah! I hope what Allah fares with us will be good, whether we are killed, or whether we win victory.”

Al-Hussain asked them about the public opinion. They said, “Prominent personalities have received great bribes; people's hearts are with you, while the swords are turned against you.” They informed him of Qays B. Mushir al-Saydawi having been killed, so he, peace be upon him, quoted the Qur’anic verse saying:

“... of them is he who accomplished his vow, and of them is he who awaits” (Qur’an, 33:23).

“O Allah!” he added, “Make Paradise our home and theirs, and include us and them in Your mercy and in all what is desired of Your treasured rewards.”

Al-Tirimmah has said, “I saw people before my departure from Kufa meeting outside. I asked them about it, and they said to me, ‘They are being paraded, then shall they be sent away to fight al-Hussain.' I, therefore, plead to you in the Name of Allah not to go to fight them, for I see none aiding you. If only this group fights you, the same one I see watching you, they will suffice to put an end to you.

Come with us in order to settle at our mountain, Aja. It protected us from the kings of Ghassan and Himyar, from al-Nu’man B. al-Munthir, and from al-Aswad and al-Ahmar. By Allah, after no more than ten days, Tay's men will come to your aid riding or on foot. I guarantee you twenty thousand men from Tay who will defend you with their swords till it becomes clear to you what you wish to do.”

Al-Hussain prayed Allah to reward him and his people with goodness then said, “A covenant binds us to the people, and we cannot depart till destiny deals between us and them.”

Al-Tirimmah then asked his permission to get provisions to reach his own family, promising that he would hurry back to support him. He granted him permission as others accompanied him.

Al-Tirimmah delivered the provisions to his people then quickly returned. Having reached ‘Udhayb al-Hajanat, he came to know that al-Hussain, peace be upon him, had been killed, so he went back .[1]

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Reference[edit | edit source]

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