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Mirza Mohammad Taqi Sepehr
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Mirza Mohammad Taqi Sepehr (1216 AH/1802 CE - 1297 AH/1880 CE) was a literator, poet, and historian during the rule of the Qajar dynasty in Iran.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Mirza Mohammad Taqi bin Mulla Mohammad Ali Kashani, popularly known as 'Lisaan ul-Mulk' was born in 1216 AH/1802 CE in Kashan, Iran. Initially, Mirza Mohammad Taqi studied the basics of ancient sciences, poetry, prosody, and rhyme. Later, at the age of 20, Mirza Mohammad Taqi migrated to Tehran and became a disciple of the famous poet Fath Ali-Khan Saba, who was given the title of 'King of Poets' by Fath Ali Shah. When Saba died in the year 1238 AH (1822/23 CE), Mirza Mohammad Taqi returned to Kashan and did not go to Tehran until he was summoned by Fath Ali Shah. During the reign of Mohammad Shah, Mirza Mohammad Taqi was commissioned to write the book 'Nasikh at-Tawarikh' in Tehran, however, after the ascension of Nasir-ud-din Shah, Mirza Mohammad Taqi was assigned to Kashan until 1267 AH (1850/51 CE) when Nasir-ud-din returned from Iraq and took Mirza with himself to Tehran. There, Mirza Mohammad Taqi's responsibilities were increased by Nasir-ud-din Shah by ordering him to recite Shah's orders and writings as well.

Mirza Mohammad Taqi died on the 17th of Rabi as-Sani in the year 1297 AH (1880 CE) in Tehran and his body was moved to Najaf Ashraf.

Career[edit | edit source]

  • Accountant, Council of Training for Good Arrangements in Enclosed Provinces, Tehran, 1291 - 1297 AH (1874 - 1880 CE)
  • Panegyrist, Court of Mohammad Shah, Tehran, 1250 - 1264 AH (1834 - 1848 CE)

Books[edit | edit source]

  • Aa'ine-ye-Jahaan Numa
  • Nasikh at-Tawarikh
  • Israr-ul-Anwar fi Manaqib-ul-A'imma-tul-Athar (The secrets of lights in the virtues of the pure Imams)
  • Baraheen al-Ajam fi Qawaneen-ul-Ma'joom (Proofs of Non-Arabs in the Laws of the Lexicon)
  • Jang fit-Tawareek (Battle in History)

Achievements & Honors[edit | edit source]

  • Given the name 'Sepehr' means 'Celestial Sphere' by Mahmood Shah, ruler of Kashan, son of Fath Ali Shah, the Qajar ruler of Persian.
  • Given the title 'Lisaan-ul-Mulk' by Nasir-ud-din Shah, the Qajar ruler of Iran in 1272 AH (1853 CE).

Biography of Imam Hussain in Nasikh at-Tawarikh[edit | edit source]

Mirza Mohammad Taqi has tried to write a biography of Imam Hussain in his book Nasikh at-Tawarikh. He has divided this biography into two parts: the first part talks about traditions from the time of birth of Imam Hussain till the caliphate of Yazid and the second part mentions the events from the period of the decision of the Imam to move from Madinad till the martyrdom of Imam along with his companions.