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Bridget Blomfield is an English scholar in Islamic studies.

Bridget Blomfield
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OccupationProfessor and Author

Biography[edit | edit source]

Bridget Blomfield was born in 1951. She started her spiritual search at the age of 17 believing that there must be some deep and sacred meaning to life. After receiving a master degree in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate School she taught psychology at the University of Alaska at Anchorage and offered movement retreats in the United States, England, India, Costa Rica, and Mexico.

At the age of 50 Bridget decided to pursue a PhD in Islamic Studies from Claremont Graduate University following a life long love of Sufism.

Dr. Blomfield taught at University of Nebraska as a tenured professor.

Her continued commitment to education academically and spiritually, lead her to open Montessori schools in the United States support schools and orphanages in Palestine, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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About this book[edit | edit source]

The Language of Tears tells Blomfield’s five-year relationship with Shi’a Muslim women in Southern California. Wearing traditional clothing and covering her hair, she details her intimate participation with the women as they practice their religious rituals like Muharram.

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