Amr b. Dubay'a

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Amr b. Dubay'a
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Native nameعَمرو بن ضُبَیعَة بن قیس بن ثَعلَبة الضُبَعی
Full NameAmr b. Ḍubayʿa b. Qays b. Thaʿlaba al-Ḍubaʿi
Companion ofImam al-Hussain
Place(s) of ResidenceKufa
Death/MartyrdomDay of Ashura, 61/680
Cause of
Martyrdom in the Battle of Karbala
Burial PlaceThe Holy Shrine of Imam Hussain

Umar b. Dhubayʾa or Amr b. Dhubayʿa b. Qays b. Thaʿlaba al-Dhubaʿi was on the part of Umar b. Sa'd's army. But before the day of Ashura, he joined Imam Hussain's camp and was martyred at the Battle of Karbala.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Umar was a brave horseman from Kufa. Some have said that Umar b. Dubaya'a also met the Prophet.[1]

In the battle of Karbala[edit | edit source]

Umar b. Dhubayʿa was on the side of Umar b. Sa'd's army. However, when he saw that the suggestions of Imam Hussain were not accepted by the army of Umar b. Sa'd and they did not allow him to return, he and a group of others joined Imam.[2] He was martyred in the first attack of the army of Umar b. Sa'd.

In the Ziarat al-Shuhada, he has been blessed, "Peace be upon Amr b. Dubay'a al-Duba'i.".[3]

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References[edit | edit source]

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