Waqae al-Ayyam dar Ahwale Muharram al-Haram (Book)

Waqae al-Ayyam dar Ahwale Muharram al-Haram is a book about the facts and recommended acts of some lunar months. However, the main popularity of the book is due to the two volumes, the second and the fourth, which deal with the conditions and events of the month of Muharram and the uprising of Imam Hussain. The fourth volume is written by Ali Waez Tabrizi Khabani, under the guidance of Mirza Sadegh Mojtahid Tabrizi, and the second volume, titled Waqae al-Ayyam fi Tatame Muharram al-Haram is written under the guidance of Jafar Naqdi and Mirza Fattah Shahidi Tabrizi.

About the bookEdit

The complete course of this book is four volumes. The first volume is for Rajab and Shaban, the second volume is for Muharram, the third volume is for Ramadan, and the fourth volume is for the remainder of Muharram. The second volume was completed in Dhul Hijjah 1340 AH and the fourth volume was completed in Rabi al-Thani 1354 AH.

This book, especially its second and fourth volumes, which is about Muharram, from the very beginning, attracted the attention of scholars and people from the pulpit. Some of the contents of the fourth volume are outside the subject of the book, and in the margins of its pages, there are biographies of some scholars. The author has prepared this book by examining many sources and while describing the events and stating what is mentioned in the sources, he has analyzed them in some places as well as expressed his opinion, which is different from others. Some weak books such as Fazel Darbandi's Asrar al-Shahadeh and Tarehi's Selections are also observed in the author's sources.

Qazi Tabatabai, in his research book on the first Arbaeen (p. 730), has written about this author:

“Among the contemporary shaykhs of our age, Mr. Haj Muwalli Ali Wa'ez Tabrizi Khayabani, the author of the volumes of the Waqae al-Ayyam, has a very good practice in his writings: Whatever he has narrated, weak or strong, correct or incorrect, he has exhibited the evidence for his narrations.”

Content of the bookEdit

Some of the contents of the second and fourth volumes are:

  • The virtue of mourning
  • The characteristics of Karbala soil (Turbat)
  • The events of the evening of Tasu'a
  • The events of the night of Ashura
  • The biography of Hazrat Zaynab
  • The events of the Day of Ashura
  • The occurrence of a defeated war on the Day of Ashura
  • The martyrdom of Imam Husayn
  • The weeping of the prophets and angels on Imam Husayn
  • The events of the evening of Ashura
  • The way the martyrs buried
  • The arrival of Ahl al-Bayt in Kufa and Sham
  • The places of prisoners from Ahl al-Bayt