Ayatollah Muhammad-Sadiq Najmi

Mohammad Sadiq Najmi (1936-2011) was a writer, researcher, and former member of the Council of Experts of Iran.


Ayatollah Mohammad Sadiq Najmi was born in 1936 CE in the village of Haris, Shabstar, in a clerical family. His father, Haj Mirza Ahmad Haris, and several of his ancestors were scholars and clerics trusted by the people. His mother belonged to the family of Hazrat Grand Ayatollah Koh Kamri. After going through the initial stages and learning some of the basics of religious sciences under his father, the two went to Tabriz to continue his studies in religion. In 1953, he entered the seminary of Qom to complete his studies, and for twenty-eight years at the Faiziyeh and Khan schools. During this period of twenty-eight years, Ayatollah Najmi spent most of his summer vacation in the seminary of Mashhad in the Khairat Khan School.

He established the Institute for the Supporting Kidney Patients and the establishment of the Madar Rehabilitation Institute, which has been able to rehabilitate one hundred and ten mentally retarded women and girls from all over the province. He died due to a heart problem on 16 September 2011 at Prophet Hospital in Tehran.

Ayatollah Muhammad Sadiq has written vastly on the discourses of Imam Husayn (AS). Most of his works are in Farsi such as his books on Imam Husayn’s speeches and on the sermon in Mina. However, the book From Medina to Karbala – In the words of al-Husayn has been translated into English and contains his written and oral discourses that include all the sermons starting from the words he addressed to Walid bin Uqba when he invited the Imam to pledge allegiance to Yazid till his last words on the Day of Ashura.


● President, Islamic Azad University, Khoi, (1986-2002)

● Leader of the Friday prayer, Khoi, (1981-2001)

● Representative, Council of Experts, (1991 – 1999)

Academic ActivitiesEdit

  • Head of scientific research at Jame’e Mudarriseen
  • Membership of the Academic Board at Islamic Azad University’s Qom and Khoi units for different periods


From Medina to Karbala: In the Words of Imam Al Husayn (trans. Muhammad Reza Fakhr-Rohani), Sun Behind The Cloud Publications Ltd, 2014