Arthur John Arberry

Arthur John Arberry is known as scholar of Arabic literature, Persian studies, and Islamic studies.

Arthur John Arberry
Arthur John Arberry.jpg
BornMay 12, 1905
Died2 October, 1969


Arthur John Arberry was born in 1905, May 12 in Portsmouth. He passed away in 1969, 2 October in Cambridge. His popularity is mostly due to his English Translation of Quranو “The Koran Interpreted" among Academic worldwide.


  • Received Cambridge University with a classic scholarship for M.A degree in 1924
  • Academic studies at Pembork college, Cambridge
  • Primary studies at Portmouth Grammar school


  • Appointed head of the classics department at Cairo University in 1932
  • Returned to London as assistant librarian at the India Office in 1934
  • Appointed to the Sir Thomas Adams professorship of Arabic at Cambridge, where he remained until his death in 1947

Honors and rewardsEdit

  • Nešān-e Dāneš First Class awarded by the shah of Iran (1964)
  • An honorary doctorate from the University of Malta (1963)


Membership in the Iranian Academy, the Academy of the Arabic Language in Cairo, and the Arab Academy of Damascus

Transferred to the War Office and then to the Ministry of Information in London in 1939

Succeed V. M. Minorsky in the chair of Persian at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London University in 1944

Transferred to the chair of Arabic at Cambridge university in 1946


Complete bibliography shows a total of some ninety books that he wrote, translated, or edited, a similar number of scholarly articles, and many reviews and other short contributions

Popular works on such varied subjects as modern Islam, British orientalism, and ʿOmar Ḵayyām and Fitzgerald