Al-Shuquq (Arabic: الشُقُوق) is a way station between Mecca and Kufa where Imam Hussain’s caravan stayed for a while.

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According to Ibn Shahr Ashub's book[1] , it is one stage following Zubala on the way of one who travels from Kufa to Mecca, and it belongs to Banu Asad. According to Mu’jam al-Buldan, al-Abadi's grave lies there.


At al-Shuquq, Al-Hussain saw a man coming from Kufa[2] , so he asked him about the people of Iraq. He informed the Imam that they were all against him. He said, “The affair is with Allah; our Lord does whatever He pleases. Our Lord, Praise to Him, each day manages the affairs.” Then he quoted the following verses of poetry[3]:

If this abode is held as dear,

In the abode of Allah, the rewards

Are more sublime and noble.

If wealth is hoarded to be left behind,

Why should one be miser with what is left?

If sustenance is destined in proportion,

To be less concerned about it is more beautiful.

And if the bodies are for death made,

One killed for the sake of Allah is surely better.

So peace of Allah be upon you,

O family of Muhammad!

For I see myself from you soon depart



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